Return Policy


Returns/Refunds: We sell old things that have been lived with and enjoyed by families over the years. Everything we sell has been subjected to some wear and tear. Everything is sold in its current as/ is condition. We describe items to the best of our ability. The things we sell are described within the limits of our ability to and our descriptions are made in good faith, they are not guarantees. Our descriptions represent our best educated beliefs about an item. However, if we have enough evidence to state in the description that the item is “guaranteed correct” , then, in this event, if you provide to us within 30 days of the date of sale, written documentation by a recognized expert for that artwork that does definitively state that the item is a counterfeit, then under these circumstances we will refund your money .We can do this only within that thirty day window as we must timely pay the consignors. We are never responsible nor liable for any amount for lost potential profits or any amount in excess of the amount we are paid for the item in question.. We are not responsible for damages to any item in the course of shipping. If we accommodate you to help make shipping arrangements, we are doing this as a courtesy.

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